Carole Messer at our family gathering in Austin on Christmas Day 2015.
A few weeks later she would be diagnosed with lung cancer and by March 22nd would be gone.
Her necklace is a silver key which I had made for her: it is the key to my heart.
December 18 would have been our 40th wedding anniversary. This is the first Christmas without her since we became a couple in San Diego in the mid-1970s.



Radio news director and talk host for 47 years in Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Antonio.


"I used to be Snow White. Then... I drifted..."--Mae West

After many years of devoting a ton o' time to this site virtually
every day, my interest has drifted and I spend little time here.

Site opened Dec. 1999. Peaked with 3.3 million hits Aug. 2005. Early page samples Aug 1 '05 and Aug 5 '05 — All archived daily pages here — The last regular daily page Mar 28 '06 noted "A new CBS corporate policy will forbid KTSA talk hosts from making direct reference to our own websites on the air... At this point, it seems unlikely that this website will continue in its present form."


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