8:15 a.m. KTSA Morning Edge Commentary 9/16/2002

Hey, voters, how's it feel to be mugged?

This week the San Antonio City Council will hear a report on the new scheme to create a PGA Village in northeast Bexar County. The new plan still calls for houses, condos, resort hotels, two PGA golf courses— and a few hundred tons of tax money for the developers.

Political and business leaders in the city and county say this looks like a great deal for our area. I think so, too, even though I don't like the scheme to allow 25-percent of the land to be covered with stuff that rainwater can't soak thru into the aquifer. In the first plan, it had been limited to 15-percent— so the impervious cover limit has almost doubled.

And the prospect of 11-hundred acres of open space has been abandoned. And so on.

The county is hot to trot to use your tax money to build roads and other infrastructure, and the city is swooning over the opportunity to turn down what we're being told is $44-million in future taxes. Check back in 15 years and see whether that turns out to have been a brazen under-statement.

But soaring high above the issue of the terms of the new PGA Village deal cooked up at City Hall and the County Courthouse, there is one huge, overriding, super-stinky flaw.

You the people will not get to vote on it.

You got 77,419 signatures on petitions to force an election. Now 77,419 citizens are being ignored. City Council has thrown a Hail Mary pass right over your heads toward the developers' end zone.

The mayor who promised to rally community support for the project has made no effort that I know about. Anyone out there heard a big mayoral sales pitch on this? Me, neither.

Maybe that's because the less you're reminded about your right to vote being pickpocketed from you, the less likely you are to punch some politician's nose. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Voters, how's it feel to be mugged?

I'm Brad Messer with commentary at 8:15 on KTSA's Morning Edge.



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