8:15 a.m. KTSA Morning Edge Commentary 9/26/2002

Doing the citizen thing

All along I have appreciated that local Talk radio empowers regular people. Before local Talk radio, if you had an issue, what could you do? Write a Letter to the Editor and hope they print it. Or put a body stocking on some woman so she looks naked, and put her on a horse and have a demonstration, get the TV there.

But with local Talk radio you dial the phone, get on someone's program, and say your piece. No body stocking.

Amazing things have happened on local Talk radio here lately. Real citizen stuff. Voice of the people. Neighborhood power. Cohesion of communities.

Take annexation. First northside councilman Carroll Schubert killed the proposed far-north land grab. Yesterday District 5 councilman Julian Castro told me he won't back the proposed west and northwest area annexations. Up in smoke.

Because you neighborhood people did your citizen stuff. You should be proud. You have a victory!

And the $40 car inspection issue, you're making headway on that one, too! So far it has been lose one battle, win the next, but without a growing number of us making lots of noise, tailpipe inspections would have greased through faster than you can say bureaucrats' slush fund. I appreciate that local Talk radio exists to be of some help.

This community makes me proud. So many of you are making time to be citizens. And, lo and behold, some of your politicians hear you and actually seem to be listening.

You've got a good thing going, my friends.

Well, not you.


I'm Brad Messer with commentary at 8:15 on KTSA's Morning Edge.



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