8:15 a.m. KTSA Morning Edge Commentary 10/1/2002

Internet stress

This morning I am thinking about the stress-free lives our forefathers had. Their brains were divided into about four sections to think about the four necessities of life; food, shelter, the one we don't talk about, and whatever the other one is.

Our ancestors didn't have the threat of HOV lanes, junk faxes, low interest CDs, or anyone named Britney.

They must have been happy all the time— singin' and dancin' and having hoedowns and examining horses' teeth. They shot deer and picked blackberries and got whipped cream from their own cows. The simple life with fresh corn on the cob and no stress.

They never had their e-mail out four days in a row like me right now. I imagine if they did, they would swoon and take smelling salts, and the women of the neighborhood would bring over food, and the preacher would show up for a vigil and eat most of the food his own self.

If they could sustain an e-mail outtage, they surely couldn't withstand what I went through yesterday. With the email still croaked, my domain name host (where I park bradmesser.com) came under a massive denial-of-service attack from Australia and Korea simultaneously. The network went down, and I couldn't work on my website. My ancestors who slept on dirt in winter, and fought savages barehanded, never had to endure a DOS attack or go without Google.

And then last evening, the wood stake in the heart: Roadrunner went dark.

If our ancestors had to face the stress of modern life, they'd turn around and go right back to the Potato Famine or the Spanish Inquisition, where they had it easy. Still holding out, gritting my teeth,

I'm Brad Messer with commentary at 8:15 on KTSA's Morning Edge.


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