8:15 a.m. KTSA Morning Edge Commentary 10/11/2002

No handle on the scandal

The guy who's supposed to have his hands on the steering wheel of city government is mayor Ed "Anyone seen my spine?" Garza.

It is embarrassingly obvious he has no handle on this scandal.

Yesterday KTSA broadcast his comments on the vote-buying indictments of two city councilmen. When he stopped talking, I looked at my colleague Ricci Ware and said, "He didn't say anything!" Ricci looked at me and said, "Well, what'd you expect?"

What I would expect, first, is for the mayor to make a strong statement unleashing a pack of mean, hungry attorneys to IMMEDIATELY challenge the tax-collection contract that may have been approved because of bought votes.

Second, Mr. Garza should make it clear that the only right thing for the accused councilmen to do is resign RIGHT NOW. Their districts stopped having representation Wednesday when they were doing their perp walks in handcuffs. And the next council member to be indicted should hang his head and get out, too.

This is a situation which is going right off the cliff. Every council vote will raise a question: how much did that one cost. This corruption cannot be handled appropriately with namby-pamby spinelessness.

Will this be a repeat of the Spurs arena syndrome, where the city was moseying around in aimless circles, getting nothing done. Over at the courthouse, when they couldn't stand the wishy-washiness one minute longer, the county judge and her team rescued the issue and got a new arena happening.

Who is going to have to step in to keep this driver-less bus from sailing off the cliff? I don't know who will, but everyone now sees who doesn't have a handle on the scandal.

I'm Brad Messer with commentary at 8:15 on KTSA's Morning Edge.


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