Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002

True or false? The motto of the Golden Corral restaurant chain is “Profiting by the Grace of God.”

True. That little factette is part of a story bouncing around the internet. It goes thus: A few weeks ago in Tyler, the Golden Corral had a patriotic display painted on its windows. A customer complained that the word God had been left out of God Bless America. The manager said yes, God had been left out because God might offend someone.

That's the story on the internet and there is some truth to it, with some important differences. Golden Corral claims that the sign painter decided on his own to leave God out. After the hubbub, he was ordered to return to paint God right back in.

The website reports that Corral headquarters put out this statement, quote, “not only would it be a violation of company standards to omit God from such a phrase, but ‘God is a part of who we are as a company and we give thanks to Him for everything.’” End quote. Case closed.

You can find plenty of phony e-rumors on the ’net— Target won't donate to veterans, John Denver was a sniper and “Sunshine On My Shoulders” was about his favorite rifle. A photo of Senator Tom Daschle so stupid that he puts the wrong hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance: believers, that's a fake photo.

At this point, if you still swallow most of the stuff on the web, you’re falling WAY behind the curve and need to slap yourself awake. Or invite me over to do it for you.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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