Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Friday, Nov. 22, 2002

Today is the anniversary of President Bush warning the world that Saddam Hussein is on the verge of getting nuclear weapons.

And he said the US, in these words, "is not walking away until the job is done."

It's the anniversary, all right— the 12th anniversary of President Bush warning about Saddam being "on the verge" of getting nuclear weapons.

Twelve years ago today, Poppy Bush was visiting our Desert Shield troops in Saudi Arabia, saying Saddam was on the verge. Way I see it, the leader of Iraq must have have one of the biggest verges in the world.

Verge is one of those words that, when you say it three of four times, becomes gibberish. Let's look it up. To verge on doing something is to be "almost to the point" of it happening. The noun verge means a threshold, or edge.

So the verge that Saddam was on in 1990 is still going on now in 2002. See what I mean about him having a huge verge?

Bush 43 is using the same "verge" sales pitch that Bush 41 used. Goes to show that tools of persuasion can be used time and again and remain effective. Saddam being "on the verge" works as well as You Deserve A Break Today, and The Valley Of The Jolly Ho Ho Ho Green Giant.

Yeah! On The Verge, We Try Harder. On The Verge, Finger-Lickin' Good. On The Verge, Let Your Fingers Do The Walking.

Gee, Mister Ogilvy, a good slogan IS almost timeless, isn't it.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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