Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Friday, Dec. 6, 2002

Body Solutions (the company with the appropriate initials) has been sued back into the news.

The Federal Trade Commission, only a year or two behind the curve, has awakened. The FTC filed a federal suit asking a refund for consumers who were taken in by what the FTC says were false claims.

Gee. The bureaucracy that is supposed to protect us from unscrupulous business practices, apparently realized that people can't really lose weight while they sleep.

To lose weight, something would have to physically leave your body. You don't need more than a half-minute to come up with the short list of how that could possibly happen. Weight could leave your body through your pores, as perspiration. Or by amputation. Or come out your mouth or your nose— or two other places...

Fuggedaboudit. Lying there on your Massage-A-Pedic Wonder Mattress, snoring away, giving off magic rays of weight? Oh yeah...

Good for the FTC. The Texas Attorney general, too, for the state lawsuit challenging that lose-weight-while-you-sleep silliness.

If either of the lawsuits prevails, the Body Solutions bigwigs might be losing weight from their bank accounts. But they'll be back with some other scheme, because it's almost impossible to overestimate the gullibility of the buying public.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

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Five websites as of today offering more of the same quackery:

1 "Dream Away does take off inches while you sleep!"
2 "BioSculpt ... lose weight while you sleep diet product!"
3 "NaturalWellbeing ... let your body lose weight while you sleep."
4 "AudioWellness ... Lose Weight While You Sleep!"
5 "Calorad & Biosculpt ... maybe the simple technique of losing weight in your sleep is the answer for you."
Gee, I wonder if the FTC will ever find out about these ?!?!?


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