Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Monday, Dec. 23, 2002


Is mayor Ed Garza in “material breach” of a travel limit?

In roughly the past 500 days, he has traveled more than 100. Washington, Salt Lake, New York, Tokyo. And some little trips around Texas getting to know other politicians— preparing ground for his political future.

Looks like he's careful about the money. Two-thirds of the mayor's travel expenses were paid from his campaign fund, or by businesses and groups. Only every third trip has been on tax money, around a thousand bucks a pop.

No scandal here. If people want to find a vulnerable place in Garza's armor, better look someplace other than travel. May I make a suggestion?

He won't communicate.

Here's a convenient example: he went on 100-plus days of trips representing San Antonio. Where? Doing what? We don't know. He doesn't communicate with we the common overtaxed people. See?

On a scale with "camera hogging publicity sucker" at one end, and "hermit in a cave" at the other extreme, where does Garza fit? About two notches short of the hermit.

As for tilling ground to plant his future political seeds, why would voters want a state rep or senator who doesn't communicate? If the mayor is ambitious, he's gonna have to let his little light shine.

Instead of sitting on it. (What does that illuminate?)

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


San Antonio Express-News Dec. 22, 2002 "Flak hits mayor's frequent flights"

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