Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Friday, Jan. 3, 2003

Men’s Fitness magazine has named America’s Fattest City, and it ain’t us.

Houston is fattest, for the third year.

The Alamo City ranks 13th in fatness. MF seems to put some thought into the rankings. They factor in nutrition levels, sports participation, junk food sales, smoking rates, TV watching, air quality, health care statistics and a bunch of other stuff.

They publish two lists of towns; Fattest and Fittest. We are 13th Fattest. Austin is 13th Fittest. Since last year, Austin came up 3 notches in fitness, and San Antonio fell 6 notches in fatness, so we’re both moving in the right direction now.

But year before last, we were a Fit city, not a Fat one. We were 25th on the list of the 25 Fittest Cities. Then I guess we hit the nachos and twelve-packs pretty heavy, because in twelve months we were bounced off the Fit list and put on the Fat list.

Here are three things Men’s Fitness wrote about us:

“San Antonians have some of the highest TV-watching rates of any city in our survey ... San Antonio has more skateboarders than any other city in our survey ... More than one out of five San Antonians jogs.”

One in five of us jog? Did y’all really tell that magazine that one in five of us jogs? And they believed you? I wonder if they’d like to buy the Alamo from me...

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

Men’s Fitness magazine article and resource materials HERE

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