Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003

Showdown today at City Hall.

No matter how it goes, it’ll be a great day for the people who are against everything— the aginners.

The vote is whether to expell Councilman Smarmy Garcia. But it is really about credibility. It's about the public perception of whether City Hall is a bunch of crooks.

I think the crook ratio is real low— but if council gets a legal opinion that expulsion would cause more problems than it might solve, and council therefore does NOT send Garcia packing... hoo boy. The aginners will say, See! This proves they're all crooks, they stick together, and the shorter their terms the better.

On the other hand, if there are no big surprises, Smarmy will get canned.

Then the aginners will say, See! They are all crooks but this time they couldn’t get away with covering for each other, because Garcia’s screwup was just too obvious. But you can bet they wanted to cover for him!

Either way, aginners, it’s your day. Enjoy it.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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