Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2003

Anti-War ads useless

Why are all you anti-war people demonstrating?

Don’t you understand it’s hopeless?

The old hands in the new Bush administration fixed their minds long ago, to make a pre-emptive first strike against Iraq.

Not North Korea, where the nukes and German chemical weapons really are. Not Osama bin Laden, whom we cannot find. Iraq, where the most credible person in the Bush cabinet — Colin Powell — insists we’ve gotta go.

Tomorrow one anti-war faction will get some local media mileage out of a newspaper ad here. It’ll be the first “nye-on” ad in a paper in the president’s home state. Nye-on is N-I-O-N, for “not in our name.” They’ve run big ads in dozens of papers since last July, and are finally getting to San Antonio.

One part of the NION campaign pledges “...resistance against the government’s global war campaign, attacks on civil liberties, and detentions and roundups of immigrants.”

These are high goals. But the piddling 100-thousand-person marches we’ve seen thus far will not change U.S. policy. It would take massive, overwhelming street protests by the middle class, the average Americans, to do that. We haven’t had those since the latter part of the Viet Nam war.

The Iraq invasion will be done and gone before the protests could get that massive.

Don’t you anti-war people know it’s hopeless?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News Feb. 18, 2003
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Washington Times Feb. 18, 2003
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