Brad Messer Commentary
8:15 a.m. Thursday, Mar. 6, 2003


Bare-Bottom Skirts

If you're on the internet someone has probably sent you a photo of those see-thru skirts.

There are four or five photographs of women, viewed from behind. It looks like they are wearing transparent skirts. You can see their bare bottom and what kind of panties they are wearing. The email says it is an illusion. You can't really see through their skirts: the dresses have a pattern, with the bare rear painted on, which makes it look like you have X-Ray Vision.

The email says this is a big clothing fad in Japan.

Another email y'all send me all the time shows a wonderful formation of jet fighters above Randolph Air Force Base. Thirty-one jets are lined up so they spell the initials USA. They're flying right over the Taj Mahal and they look great.

The see-thru skirts look great. The USA plane formation looks great.

They're great fakes. Just someone playing around with Photoshop and with our heads.

I'm working on one of me. I'm gonna replace my head with Richard Gere, and replace my body with Joe Millionaire. I'm gonna look great, too.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News Mar. 4, 2003
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Imitation see-through skirts latest fashion fad in Japan?

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