Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, Mar. 31, 2003


Alamodome Double-Booking SNAFU

What if your house caught fire, but the Fire Department never showed up because they forgot what their job is.

What if a developer built a subdivision, but forgot to put in streets.

What if you hired me to keep track of renting out the Alamodome, but I forgot to make a list of who I had rented it to, and by mistake I rented it to two customers at the same time?

That just happened. All the while the city was trying to get the Dallas Cowboys to use the Alamodome, the 'dome was already booked for a convention, but the negotiators for San Antonio didn't know.

The person responsible for keeping track of upcoming rentals at the Alamodome didn't do the most basic aspect of his job: keep track of rentals.

Because of the double booking, San Antonio apparently will lose one entire season of spring training here by the Cowboys, and may lose both seasons that City Council already approved.

The scheduler is still employed! You suspect the city forgot to fire him?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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