Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, April 2, 2003


Fluoride Folly

San Antonio now has the dreaded fluoride in our drinking water. Children are exploding, widows are turning to stone, and everyoners guts have been replaced by snakes that just look like real guts.

Are we giving in to this horror without a fight?

No. There apparently will be a fight, and perennial activist Kay Turner will lead it. Turner told Express-News reporter Jaime Castillo that we need a law against fluoridation of drinking water.

She'll lead a campaign to have a vote next November.

You've seen the grisly effects of fluoride so far. Thirty-five percent of West Siders have turned green. Up to half of our newborns now have either three eyes or gills, and virtually every Northside adult who isn't on Ozarka has developed a zombie stare and joined the Communist Party.

Of course it's the fluoride. It just seems odd that whenever we have a second election on the same issue, such as Applewhite, Kay always says "What part of NO didn't they understand?" Well, we already voted Yes on fluoride, and she wants to vote again. Shouldn't she be aiming her famous phrase up her own alley?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News, 4/1/2003
Turner plans Charter vote to fight fluoride from a new angle

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