Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, April 3, 2003


Elite Republican Guard

Please explain to me what is so elite about the Republican Guard.

We were warned before Gulf War I that the elite Republican Guard (that's pretty much one word: eliterepublicanguard, like a web address) was big-time tough and mean.

Turned out they didn't fight and couldn't even retreat fast enough to suit themselves.

Now our coalition troops are knocking 'em over like dominos. The emperor has no clothes. The elite Republican Guard isn't.

As Fred Kaplan reported to Slate,

"Basically, if the Republican Guards remain dug in, they will be outmaneuvered; if they venture out to fight, they will be outgunned; whatever they do, they will be bombed and strafed from the air."

And so they will.

As we approach the main Battle of Baghdad, once more to our coalition military units one and all— Godspeed. You are in our hearts.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

MSNBC 4/2/2003
The overrated Republican Guard

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