Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, April 4, 2003

Sudden Ends

Every time James Kiehl ever left Comfort, Texas he'd always come home sooner or later. There was worry when he went off to Gulf War II, but no real reason to think he wouldn't come home. Tech guys, computer people, they all come home, don't they?

Now his dad and stepmother anguish over the question of whether their sendoff was, in fact, the last time they would ever see James alive. He is missing in Iraq.

We can't know when we are seeing a friend or loved one for the last time.

Just over a week ago, out at the little airport I fly out of, I spent some time with my friend Ron Stewart. Went to breakfast with him and some of our other flying buddies. Last Sunday morning as Ron was taking off in his brand-new little airplane that he loved so much, several terrible problems happened simultaneously. Ron's funeral was yesterday.

We can't know when we're seeing a friend or loved one for the last time.

It makes me want to be nicer, all the time, to my friends and the people I love.

Because... you know....

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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