Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, April 10, 2003


Went for a walk late last evening with my wife and dog. Thought about the Saddam statue being toppled. Thought about Mayor Garza's attempt to grab power. Thought about maybe taking some pictures if I go flying this weekend.

Noticed the American flag on my neighbor's house. It had wrapped itself around a tall bush, snug, like a mom wraps a towel around a kid out of the bathtub.

Down the street, a flag had strangled itself on its own cord. The top two-thirds were puffed out like a balloon, then there was the cord of strangulation, then the rest of the flag hanging down like a skinny necktie.

The next Stars and Stripes had tangled itself in the normal, old fashioned way: it was wrapped around its pole, rolled up tight like an old window blind. With the gold point, it looked like a patriotic, super-sized lawn dart.

As our walk ended we came to our house, with our foolproof flagpole from WalMart. It has a rotating sleeve so it cannot get wrapped up. And it wasn't wrapped up. It had reached over and caught a bush branch.

Where's the tangleproof American flag?

Somebody please thaw out Thomas Edison. The nation needs him.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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