Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, April 14, 2003


What a joyous Sunday gift!

Seven American POWs, left behind by the evaporating Iraqi military, now returning to their families.

What stories they can tell about the ambush of the 507th, and the firefight: Shoshana Johnson, single mom, shot by a round that went through both feet. Edgar Hernandez of Mission, shot in the arm.

"We were like Custer," said Sgt. James Riley. "We were surrounded. We had no working weapons."

And Ron Young and David Williams, downed in their Apache helicopter, made a run for it. A swim, actually. They plunged into a canal in moonlight and swam a quarter mile. They climbed out of the water and tried to hide in a grove of trees, but farmers found them.

There was word that Iraqi doctors gave good care. Shoshana Johnson said they wanted "to show that the Iraqi people had humanity."

A happy ending to that three-week-long story.

May the same wonderful conclusion soon embrace our MIAs.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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