Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, April 16, 2003


We had neighborhood Clod Wars when I was a kid.

Dirt clods are like snowballs, except warmer. As hand-launched missiles go, clods are pretty low on the Danger Scale.

My idea is that you should be legally allowed to throw clods at cars with excessively-loud radios— boombox cars that shoot out vibrations that show up on seismographs. Eooo, boom! Eww, boom!

New Braunfels city council is thinking about fining people whose radios can be heard 50 feet away.

They're disgusted with noise pollution and figure a $250 fine might be a good tool of instruction. Council passed the fine on first reading this week, with two more required to make it law.

I think the $250 fine idea is not real efficient. Think about it: you are annoyed by a boombox car (or raft, or tube), you call the cops, the boomer keeps moving, it's gone and finally here come the cops-- how you gonna make a case?

If they let us throw dirt clods at vehicles with annoying nuclear audio equipment, justice would be swift and immediate.

Fines, no. Clods, yes. Power to the people.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Alternative to "boom box" ban clears 1st hurdle in New Braunfels


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