Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, April 28, 2003


The single, largest, stationary source of air pollution in America is the coal burning electric power plant.

We already have three in Bexar County. Why would your city-owned utility company want to build another coal burner?

In a typical year, our CPS Deely generator belches out 24,000 tons of sulfur dioxides, 7-million tons of carbon dioxide, and almost 400 tons of mercury.

The pollution spreads across Bexar and neighboring counties. The EPA is already on our case about air pollution. So why would City Public Service want to build another pollution producer, rather than a gas powerplant that would be hundreds and hundreds of times cleaner?

Two reasons given: One: occasional gas shortages. Two: coal is cheaper.

But everyone around here is on the verge of having to pay a LOT more for goods and services if federal Clean Air regulations kick in.

Before we finalize any more huge, coal-burning, polluting electrical generators, the CPS board (which includes mayor Ed Garza) owes us a much better explanation than I've heard so far.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Coal Plant: Dirty by Design

California example - PGE's Salem Harbor coal plant proposal would reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution by only 20%. If they installed modern pollution controls, it would reduce SO2 by 50%. By contrast, a new gas plant is 1,000 times cleaner than even the controls option.



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