Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, May 2, 2003


Guy goes to a New Orleans bar and someone puts knockout drops in his drink. He regains consciousness hours later in a hotel bed, with a tube protruding from his midsection. He grabs the phone next to the bed and calls 911. The operator says, don't try to move, we'll send an ambulance! The tube indicates that your kidneys have been harvested!

The guy's organs had been removed by a theft ring, and sold for big money.

You ever hear that story? It was a major internet hoax a few years back.

I thought of it when we got the latest report from Cuidad Juarez about their unsolved murders. More than 500 women have disappeared there in the past ten years; 250 of them have been found murdered, the other 250 haven't been found at all.

This week the Mexican Attorney General's office wondered aloud whether there is an organ theft ring operating in Cuidad Juarez. That's a working theory in connection with 14 specific deaths.

Not an internet hoax. Maybe the real deal. The U.S. has done the right thing by loaning Mexico FBI agents to help work these cases.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Mexico Checking if Juarez Women Killed for Organs

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