Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, May 5, 2003


One way to show anger is to say something. Sometimes a more powerful way to express anger is to say nothing.

Most people don't take to the ol' silent treatment.

Almost everyone ignored the mayor and city council on Saturday. When 94 out of 100 people ignore you, by not voting, that's the cold shoulder.

Of the 5 or 6 percent who did vote, there was heavy sentiment against candidates financed by builders, developers, lobby groups, and businesses who get contracts from City Hall. The odds were great that if a candidate got major bucks from power brokers, he or she was or forced into a runoff or rejected outright.

People are disgusted that power brokers have almost total influence over city council decision making. Maybe that's what people were saying by not voting. Who knows. The tea leaves are blurry.

But wait and see. Nothing will really change downtown. Watch what happens next time a developer sashays down there looking for a $50-million tax deal.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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