Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, May 7, 2003


Who Has Read the Tree Rules?

Tomorrow San Antonio council votes on the proposed Dallas Cowboys training camp agreememnt. Several council members admit they haven't even read it yet.

Also tomorrow, our city is probably going to rewrite the rules about chopping down trees to make room to build stuff.

This will be a revision of the tree ordinance put into effect in the mid-90s.

My guess is that the city council members who have actually read the old rules, and the proposed new ones, would all fit into a 5-gallon plant pot with room left over.

The tree rules are tricky and confusing and full of technical terms. Who knows exactly what's in 'em?

Developers and tree huggers, mainly, and I think Mayor Garza.

I am going to miss the term-limited Bonnie Conner. On issues such as the environment, she would burn the midnight oil at her kitchen table and and read all this hodgepodge of stuff. She, at least, would know what was being voted on.

I hope at least one of the new gaggle of councilmen knows how to read and is willing, because without at least one, the power brokers and developers will have their way unquestioned.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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