Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, May 9, 2003


You'd think it would be easy to make up a commentary about Mothers Day. Just say some mushy stuff, make sure "special" is in there, and something about every mom being the best in the world.

But of course not every mom is. Some are mean. Some run off and don't come back. They do all sorts of disappointing things.

Lots of kids live with Grandma. With Aunt Suzie. A temporary foster mother. But not a real mother.

Mothers Day is one of those happy times that turn out to be sad, or wistful, or hurtful to nice people who have been shortchanged in the Mom department.

Here's what I make of Mothers Day. If you have a good mother, or if you ever had one, you're a lucky duck.

When you contemplate that many folks have very little to celebrate or honor or love on Mothers Day... it makes the good moms extra special, doesn't it. If it's not too mushy, I'd guess you think yours is the best in the world.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

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