Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, May 12, 2003

SAPD Probes DEA Shooting

The night the DEA shot a middle school student to death here, everyone had a different version of what that thought they saw. The agents wore DEA vests; they didn't wear vests; they put vests on after the shooting. The shooting victim tried to ram an unmarked DEA car; she did ram it; she never rammed it; the agents actually rammed her car.

Take your choice of stories. There are plenty.

San Antonio police and the District Attorney are investigating the killing of 14-year-old Ashley Villareal, by drug agents who were looking for her father.

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning, the cars involved in the deadly encounter were taken back to the scene. Investigators sat in each car to check angles of vision and such. Some of whose story to believe will depend on which cars were where and when.

There's controversy over even that. A resident said the re-staging was too far from the street light. His point is that DEA agents were able to see better than the re-staging will make some people believe.

Chief Albert Ortiz knows the credibility of the San Antonio Police Department is on the line as his cops investigate the stories of their brother lawmen, who killed a teenage girl and then claimed it was her own fault.

The whole country is watching us on this one.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

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