Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Gun Ban a Goner?

The U.S. ban on so-called "assault weapons" may be allowed to expire.

House majority leader Tom DeLay indicates that Republicans in the House have little to no interest in extending the Clinton-era gun ban, which is to run out next year unless renewed. President Bush said during his campaign that he would support extending it, but he now has no enthusiasm.

The ban was silly in the first place. In order to look like they were fighting crime, or perhaps simply out of ignorance, the Democrat-controlled Congress banned certain weapons in 1994. They simply looked in a gun book and picked out weapons that looked especially mean or military. The AK-47 and eighteen other types of semiautomatic weapons were outlawed. It never made much sense then, and it makes none now.

Manufacturers and legitimate gun enthusiasts found loopholes anyway.

The NRA may not have an office in the White House, but the power of its organized members is being respected.

Letting the assault weapon ban expire next year is good policy. 2004 will be a good year to die.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

Washington Post 5/13/03
House GOP will let assault weapons ban expire

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