Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, May 15, 2003


Judge Luitjen's Odd DWI Sentence

For a long time, San Antonio's legal system didn't take killer drunk drivers very seriously. Sentences were pretty much slaps on the wrist.

In the past few years things have been improving. Part of the credit must go to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the District Attorney's office, and several concerned judges.

Yesterday Judge Mark Luitjen handed down a noteworthy decision in the case of a young woman who is a killer drunk driver. In addition to other conditions, she is ordered to place flowers on the grave of her victim, four times a year, for the next ten years. The District Judge imposed that condition because the mother of the victim asked that the killer be forced to remember what she has done.

It's another public reminder that some things that happen when we drink and drive, simply can never be taken back. Another reminder to use a designated driver. Another reminder that drinking and driving is unforgivably stupid.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News 5/14/03
Woman sentenced to visit victim’s grave for 10 years in DWI death

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