Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, May 19, 2003

Are Candidates Airheads?— or Liars

Are some of these city council candidates airheads?— or sleazy liars.

Some can't seem to make up their mind about anything. You could say, "Do you like iced tea?" and they would say, "I am not in a position to know until I have more facts."

District 2 candidate Joel Williams doesn't know whether he supports a smoking ban in bars. What's the deal, Mr. Williams, will you have to go to a bunch of bars to do research? District 3 incumbent Toni Moorhouse can't decide whether she supports giving an already-rich guy $60-million in TIF tax money, to develop a quarry which he has turned into a blighted area. After the election, I suspect Moorhouse will know bigtime.

Is there not enough oxygen in District 4 to support people's brains? Neither Phil Cortez nor Richard Perez knows whether he will support the proposed smoking ban.

Patti Radle of District 5 isn't afraid to say where she stands on every issue and you can like it or lump it. Her opponent Tom Lopez doesn't have a clue whether he supports uniform guidelines for building over the Edwards Aquifer.

In District 8, poor Bert Cecconi doesn't know where he stands on a smoking ban, city bonds, development priorities, or helping homeless people. His opponent Art Hall draws a blank when you ask him about the smoking ban and rules for building over the aquifer.

Are these people airheads?— or sleazy liars who know what they think but won't say because they want to toady up to all sides?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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