Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Annika the Impaler

Are most of the big golf guys afraid of Annika, or what?

Can you believe all the whining and bleating? "Well, we don't try to play in the women's league," they snivel. Or the big brother fakeout, "Poor thing, she's putting too much pressure on herself."

Perhaps the reason PGA males resent being challenged by the best female golfer is pride. They must be pretty much sexist in the first place, so being outdone by a woman is more horrifying than being beaten by a man.

The sexists will lose either way. People will be able to say, "So, you were whupped by a woman, huh?" But even if the man wins, the query can be, "So, you only beat that woman by three strokes, huh?"

Any protesting, frightened man who plays in the Colonial and is outshot by Annika Sorenstrom may be imagining humiliating consequences. The nightmares include having to surrender his large belt buckle and never wearing a big one again. Needing male-ego therapy from Dr. Ruth. And as far as his locker room standing, he will be below men who let themselves be slapped around by Michael Jackson or that Karma Chameleon fellow.

Annika the Impaler has these PGA male complainers unconsciously crossing their legs even while standing.

It's kinda fun to watch.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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