Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, May 21, 2003


No TIRZ Money for Developers!

There is a powerful move underway to put $50-million in tax money in a developer's pocket.

As you would expect, it is not a proposed law entitled "Put $50-Million In A Developer's Pocket." Nope. It is called a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone. The title TIRZ is so boring, who would pay attention?

Mayor Ed Garza has thrown every pound of his political muscle behind the TIRZ scheme. It is supposedly about protecting the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone from unruly development. What it is actually about is permitting plenty of development and giving an influential developer free tax money.

The idea of reinvestment zones was to encourage building where it probably otherwise wouldn't happen, for example, poor neighborhoods. But the mayor's proposed new TIRZ rules encourage a huge, upscale development called North Rim Village— in northwest San Antonio, which has almost always been our hottest development sector.

The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone revision must be killed and stomped on and chopped up with a hoe and thrown in a trash can, like the evil, poisonous snake it is.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

Mayor Ed Garza trying to quietly fast-track scheme to put $50-60M in pocket of developer who made his own (Aquifer recharge zone) property a blighted area and now wants tax money to fix it up Editorial
Background: Mayor pushing TIF over aquifer

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