Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, May 22, 2003


Councilmen's trials delayed

I suspect that if I got accused of something, I would be slammed into jail and rushed to trial so fast that the air friction would catch my hair on fire. They probably wouldn't even give me a perp walk for the TV cameras for lack of interest, except maybe for my smoking head.

Regular unprivileged people who talk to the TV during the Spurs games and never get fawning preferred seating at Ruth's, can get run over by the system.

But look at the politicians. The trials of a couple of our city councilmen, accused of being on the take, have been delayed again. It looks like the first trial won't start until after the first anniversary of their TV perp walks.

So far, our allegedly-crooked local politicians have had plenty of leisure time to look for the real bribe-takers on golf courses.

You and I would be tried, tie-dyed and fried before a week was up. Influential people seem to get all the time in the world. Ask Baretta.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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