Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Makeup Day

Makeup Day was in the news yesterday, because of certain schools having it on Memorial Day. People felt it was inappropriate.

Are you getting the feeling that some things have gone too far? Can you hear a tearing sound in the fabric of Society?

Me, too. Why are schools teaching makeup instead of the Three Rs? Makeup day may be suitable for a lot of teenage girls, but it is inappropriate for any girl younger than about fifteen.

And Makeup Day applied equally to boys. That's kind of disgusting. Texas has degenerated to teaching boys to apply makeup.

I thought they were busy teaching the TAKS test but, no, makeup is more important.

I hope they teach you girls that God has already decided where your lips end, because the lipstick should end there, too.

I have no lipstick advice for boys who attended Makeup Day. I don't know how to communicate with you.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

Today's commentary is satire. I do actually understand that a school makeup day is an extra day of classes to make up for a day missed earlier because of inclement weather or some such. Thank you.

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