Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Council incumbents tossed out

After elections we have examples of every vote counting. The one in yesterday's city council runoff was in District 8: if only 13 (26) people had voted the other way, the loser would have won. Art Hall defeated Bert Cecconi by a mere 25 votes. CORRECTION: FINAL TALLY WAS 50 VOTES

Two incumbents were given the boot. The indicted John Sanders lost the District 2 seat. Joel Williams had a landslide 70% there. And Toni Morehouse, least subtle of all politicians with their hands out, was run off by Ron Segovia, with 62%.

In District 5, it was Saint Patti's day. Hard-working do-gooder Patti Radle edged Tom Lopez 53 to 47 percent. It is my suspicion that Radle cannot be bought. A lot of her contributions were four, five and ten dollars, and she wouldn't accept more than $500 from any individual.

Who gave how much to whom in the city elections? Don't look for the info on a city website. Council members until now have ignored the need for a searchable campaign-finanance database.

Our new council members will consider a smoking ban, tax abatements for land developers, aquifer protection, term limits, and continuing to make looking up campaign donations as difficult as possible.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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