Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, May 29, 2003

Turn Gunn Honda Down

Today is the final meeting of our lame-duck city council. There is a request from a car dealer, who wants to be exempt from rules about what cannot be built over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone.

Gunn Honda wants to construct a new car dealership and repair facility. City rules prohibit that, because of the possibility of contaminating the aquifer with garage chemicals.

Have you ever heard about a chemical spill at a car dealership? I can't remember a big one. Maybe they don't happen very often at all.

However, Gunn could be the most wonderful business on the planet, and still not be immune to accidents.

Say a stray shot or lightning or a nut case or a fuel explosion catches the garage on fire. There could be degreaser, lubricants, cleaner, gasoline — I don't know what all — running out of the building, possibly floating on the water sprayed by firefighters. It could spread fast and far.

You want any chance of that over the aquifer?

Nothing against Gunn, really. But let them break the aquifer-protection rule, and someone else will demand their rights to do it, and off we go.

City council shouldn't let the first step be taken.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

May 28, 2003
Christopher Anderson, Express-News
Council to weigh request for auto repair facility in recharge zone

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