Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, June 9, 2003


Texas' Disgusting Voting Secrets

Want to know how your Texas state senator or representative voted? Often, you'll never know, because many votes in the Texas legislature are NOT on record for public examination.

Legislators can tell you anything they please about how they voted on an issue, and you often won't be able to check.

You elect representatives and you can't find out what they did.

Virginia McGonegal of Fort Davis wrote to the Dallas News to complain that "when she called her legislator to ask about his vote regarding nursing homes in Texas, he told her he couldn't remember how he voted.

"When I asked for a record of the vote, he told me they were not recorded – at least not for the public. I was stunned!" Ms. McGonegal wrote. "Our representatives are, therefore, not accountable for their record."

The Dallas News wrote, "Ms. McGonegal is right. Texans have a right to know how their legislators are voting."

At least at San Antonio City Hall our council votes are recorded and researchable. The fact that many Texas Legislature votes are un-researchable is shameful. It's good for certain sleazy politicians, but to the rest of us Texas citizens, it's disgusting.

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.

Dallas News Editorial 3/30/2003
Let the Sun Shine: Texas Legislature needs to record votes

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