Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Before and after work yesterday I saw seven cops.

On the way to work on I-35, a police car in front of me changed lanes several times. The way everyone else knew he was changing lanes was that his tires crossed the stripe.

The way people legally change is to signal, then move across the stripe. It is too bad that not all San Antonio police cars have turn signals. As everyone except that cop knows, it is illegal to not signal a lane change.

Is it too much to expect cops to be good examples of good driving?

That was yesterday morning.

Last night I saw six cops, on my way to SBC Center for the Eagles concert. They were stationed along the road from the Interstate to the arena. Carole and I laughed because each of the six was doing absolutely nothing more than simply existing. Never at any time did any of the half-dozen officers along the street even raise one hand above butt level. There they stood. There went the traffic, undirected.

If the pay for standing motionless in the street prior to a concert is good, it may be a desirable line of work.

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.


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