Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, June 13, 2003


Star Storage Lousy Neighbor

Ugly-Toenail Boy, the owner of Star Storage, is suing the pants off San Antonio. He's turned out to be a lousy neighbor, hasn't he.

We hated his rooftop billboard pictures! Diseased toenails, a man's disgusting hairy back and what-all. TV ran clips of those sickening signs about 57-million times. Everyone but Stevie Wonder saw 'em.

After battling our city over the sickening signs for a while, David Arrington from Midland changed tactics and attempted to cash in on patriotism. Midland Boy applied for permission to put up support-the-troops images, an American eagle, etcetera. Local authorities, who don't want ANY signs uglifying the area on Josephine near the river, said no.

So now Arrington is suing, to get a court to let him have the signs he wants, in the Scenic Corridor.

Toenail Boy, you surely have made a negative impression on a lot of us over here. And hiring that well-known, slick San Antonio PR wizard isn't going to buy you love, either.

I wish Midland would give you a tax abatement or something to get you to stay over there, out of our hair.

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News 6/13/2003
Owner of hairy billboards files suits against city

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