Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, June 16, 2003

Basketball. Huh?

Things about basketball that make me say, "Huh?"

Read the lips of a fan on TV. She mouths, "We're number One!" and then holds up two fingers. Huh?

Our newspaper runs a huge, one-word front page banner headline "GLORY!" The New York Times ran the Sunday headline, "For Spurs owner, a life of battles and bottles." Huh?

San Antonians who complain about traffic tie-ups suddenly can't wait to get in a traffic jam. They head downtown, bumper to bumper, at 11 p.m. Huh?

After the NBA championship game in SBC Center, a reporter asks Tim Duncan, "What's it feel like to win on the road?" Does she expect him to say, "Well, I've never enjoyed it." Huh?

A reporter asks David Robinson who will be the spiritual leader now that he's leaving. I understand that teams have spirit. But spiritual... Huh?

Channel 12 runs a late newscast including a story about bad air days, and the advice on the screen says "Don't make unnecessary trips." This, minutes after live shots of 281 inbound stop-and-go with Spurs celebrants. Huh?

After the disappointing second quarter, the TV sportscaster said it is better to be behind at the half. Huh?

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.


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