Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Power of Man

Look at a nighttime photo of Earth. You see, literally, the power of Man. Light from our cities illuminates us and projects far into space. We have changed the very appearance of our planet.

Man evidences power over Nature in a lot of ways— dams, freeways, levees, railroads, skyscrapers. Sometimes we stick our chest out a little and feel proud of our powerful accomplishments.

It is an illusion. Mother Nature can stomp us any time, any way she pleases.

Those storms that came through San Antonio over the weekend packed a pretty good punch. Our general area had some flash flooding and lots of lightning. Mother Nature zapped my Commentary line. That's why this morning I sound a little like like I'm using tin cans and string. It'll take another day or two to fix it.

I think it's a fine reminder that Man should show some respect, from time to time, and acknowledge where the real power is.

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.

NASA: What Earth looks like at night

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