Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, July 2, 2003


Trash PR Blitz

The mayor went around helping a trash collection crew for about an hour. It's a PR campaign to get people to stop overloading garbage cans.

San Antonio has just over 300 refuse workers. Each year about 200 of them report some kind of injury.

The PR blitz is to remind everyone that the maximum permissable trash can size is 32 gallons, and full it shouldn't weigh more than 40 pounds. They will fudge a little on that.

This is all very civilized and pleasant. The mayor picking up trash, everyone concerned about the wellbeing of the trash men, and talk of maybe giving them a raise.

This may be too complicated. I once lived in a city where we were absolutely convinced the mafia ran the trash business. If you put too much in a can they wouldn't take it. If you had an extra can, you had to give the trash guy cash money.

It's simpler when organized crime runs the trash. Everyone understands the rules and if you even think about complaining... fuggedaboudit.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express News 7/2/2003
Garbage on mayor’s mind as he takes shift with city collection crew

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