Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, July 3, 2003

Fireworks Bad Boys

Every year, here come the warnings. It's been dry, fireworks may start fires. Blah blah. It is illegal to possess or shoot off fireworks in the city. Blah blah. If you just have to do it, go to a designated field in some inconvenient part of town. Blah blah. Call the Fireworks Hotline to turn in your neighbors.

Then what happens? People go to one of the two-million fireworks stands and plop their money down for gunpowder goods.

Fourth of July evening, look anywhere in San Antonio. It resembles the semi-hallucination battle scenes in Apocalypse Now.

Everywhere you look, people ignore the fireworks rules and hope to not get caught.

Here comes a car down your street, and you're anxious about it being the Fireworks Cops coming after you, bad boy bad boy.

Fireworks fun is as close to criminal as most of us come.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.


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