Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Gentle Girlfriend Beater

Yesterday a guy was convicted of running his car over his ex-girlfriend. Running over her three times.

They'd been having an argument, and were likely messed up in one or more ways, because they both claim they can't remember what happened.

The cops arriving at 410 and Pearsall found tire skid marks, a bloody towel, and a woman all bloodied up. The police said the defendant, 22-year-old Antonio Aragon, had also kicked and hit the 24-year-old woman.

So we have a girlfriend-beating, woman-kicking man who aims his car at the victim and runs over her three times.

Here's the part that kills me. The woman testifies in court and asks for mercy for Antonio Aragon and says, quote, "He's not a violent person."

There you have the essence of the battered woman. Beaten, kicked, run over, and she says the jerk who did it isn't really at heart a violent person. Maybe she thinks he's a gentle girlfriend beater.

Like the girl in the country song, this battered woman is the Queen of Denial.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News 7/10/2003
Man who ran over his ex three times is found guilty

San Antonio Express-News 7/9/2003
Ex-girlfriend describes being run over 3 times
At one point, Garza said, Aragon punched her in the left eye, which later swelled shut. Aragon finally stopped the car in a highway turnaround near Loop 410 and Pearsall Road.
There, Aragon dragged her out of the car by her hair and repeatedly punched and kicked her before leaving her on the side of the road, Garza testified.
"That wasn't enough for him. He gets in his car and runs over her back," prosecutor Chris DeMartino said during opening statements. "That still wasn't enough. He places the car in reverse, because he had to show her who is boss in this relationship, and runs over her legs."
Garza testified Aragon ran her over a third time.
"I kept telling him to remember that I have children, not to kill me. That's when he stopped," she told the jury.

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