Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, July 14, 2003

The Niger Forgery

The Niger Forgery sounds like it might be a detective story. It should be.

The Niger Forgery is the document which someone created, to make it appear that Saddam Hussein had been shopping in Africa for uranium.

President Bush used the Niger document to help sell his preemptive invasion idea. Now everyone knows the Niger document was a fake, and a not very skillful one at that.

The question that most Americans at first wouldn't even listen to, and which now won't go away, is did the president know the Saddam-uranium-shoping forgery was a forgery. If the president is an innocent victim of this evildoing, he can easily order a big investigation to find out who inserted the Niger Forgery into his State of the Union speech. Then everyone can be told, and the inserter can be questioned. And maybe bullwhipped.

Bush believers have faith that his credibility would benefit from the truth. If he believes the truth will exonerate him, he'll order the detective work.

If he doesn't order that the true facts be found, people suspicious of him will certainly believe that they know why.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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