Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

TV Braves Claudette

Yesterday the local TV stations sent reporters to the coast. There was virtually nothing to report. That didn't bother them.

A typical TV report began with the station's handsomest newsman, the anchor, handing off to a reporter:

For the latest on Claudette, here's Ronly Bonly in Corpus Christi. How high are those ferocious waves, Ronly?

Thanks, handsome. As you can see behind me, the water is dead calm, but it is an ominous calm, and I expect waves of mass destruction very soon. And look how this wind has picked up! (Whoosh whoosh) I believe it's gusting to about 5 now. The tide is rising rapidly: it's so high now that the locals are describing it as "normal." Don't let this bright sunshine fool you, this is just the calm before the storm. This is Ronly Bonly LIVE in Corpus Christi.

Yep, yesterday there were lots of TV types, down there braving the calm before the storm, taking plenty of time with almost nothing to say.

I can hardly wait 'til the wind picks up to maybe 30 or 40. Then we'll see the little TV honeys leaning into the fierce wind, acting like they're barely able to stand. Behind them we'll see two-foot waves and probably surfers.

These little hurricanes themselves aren't half as dramatic as the TV reports about them.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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