Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, July 18, 2003


Email the President

Here is how you could email the president last month: Address it to, write your comment, click Send. That was then.

Here is how to email the President of the United States now, thanks to the new, improved White House website technology.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click the Contact link
  3. Scroll past the mailing address, invitation guidelines, gift policies and White House phone numbers. Click on "President George W. Bush: White House Web Mail". Read the twelve lines of instructions, and click Continue.
  4. Select whether your message will be "a supporting comment" or "a differing opinion."
  5. Choose a category from the twelve subjects offered. There is no category for Other subjects. Click Continue.
  6. Choose your Prefix. It is mandatory. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, Drs, Sr, Sra, Admiral, Airman, Airman First Class, Ambassador, Brigadier General, Cadet, Chaplain, and so on alphabetically down thru The Rev. Dr, Vice Admiral and Warrant Officer.
  7. Done? Enter your First and last names and middle initial, plus your title and organization if any, street, city, state, ZIP code and email address. Click Continue.
  8. Type your letter in the blank. Click Continue.
  9. Review your message. Click Continue.
  10. Click "No, I have no further comments at this time." Click Continue. You are dumped back to the White House home page.

I suspect Mr. Bush will get a lot less email now that people have to jump through those hoops. Do you think he wants much less email, boys and girls? Or is that his idea of streamlining a process?

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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