Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hussein Boys Rule the News

Yesterday the Bush administration changed its story about the Niger Forgery. Some CIA memos have surfaced, showing that the White House had, indeed, been warned off the uranium-from-Africa story. As the Washington Post puts it, this development "significantly alters the explanation previously offered by the White House."

Few people will give that any thought, because this is Uday and Ebay Day, and it's too hard to pay attention to several things.

The 9-Eleven Commission report is coming out. It will completely downplay the role of Saudi Arabia in the terrorist attacks on America. Most Americans will continue thinking the airliner hijackers were sent by Saddam from Iraq, when in fact almost all the men -- and money -- were from Saudi Arabia.

But the Hussein boys will rule the news.

Today we will hear speculation about whether it was really the Hussein boys we got, or their doubles. DNA talk. Speculation on why Ebay and Doo Dah Day were together instead of split up.

The stunning exoneration of the CIA, the White House changing its story again, and the whitewash of Saudi Arabia's part in the terrorist attacks, will be whispers among the shouting about the Hussein boys.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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