Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, July 25, 2003

From Cuba By Truck

The Coast Guard last week intercepted eleven Cubans trying to sail to the US in a truck.

The green ’51 Chevy flatbed was rigged between pontoons made of 55-gallon drums.

What a sight. Some of the Cubans were on top of the truck, some were inside. One was at the steering wheel driving. The engine was turning the drive shaft, which was attached to a propeller. The Cubans were about 40 miles from Key West, cruising along at 8 miles an hour, heading for freedom, when the Coast Guard found them. Eight men, two women and a child were taken into custody.

Their floating truck was declared a hazard to navigation: it was shot repeatedly until it sank.

Our guys talked to Cuba's guys and got a promise that none of the refugees would get more than ten years in prison if we sent them back. So this week, we did.

I'm thinking of that line, "Sometimes the law is an ass."

People who want so desperately to come to America, who are inventive and motivated, trying to escape a dictatorship-- our country would be better for welcoming that kind of people.

We should have let 'em stay.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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