Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, July 31, 2003


Touch-screen voting machines untrustworthy

People have been contacting our elected officials, worried that the new touch-screen voting machines won't be trustworthy.

You are correct. They won't.

No one thinks computers are foolproof and 100 percent reliable. Our new voting machines are computers. When the same kind of computers are used in elections around the country, votes are sometimes recorded wrong.

Could that happen here? Absolutely.

(Do some people hate that question format where the person answers his own question? They do. Am I one of them? I am.)

Our new touch-screen voting computers are not unquestionably trustworthy. Some of our city and county leaders are catching on to their lack of total credibility. Good. Maybe our High Wazoos will decide to add a feature to leave a printed paper trail. It's the least we voters should ask: accountability and recount ability.

Leaders, fix our new election computers so they'll put voting results on paper. If you don't, can we really believe the results? I'm not gonna answer my own question.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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