Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, August 4, 2003

Garza's Big, Poking Nose

We have a couple of nose situations.

Certain public officials have the Pinocchio nose problem, caused by lying almost nonstop. Many of those are in Washington, some in Austin and Albuquerque.

Then there's the other nose problem— poking it into other people's business. When some people get elected to public office, particularly liberals such as mayor Ed Garza, they feel the need to tell the rest of us how to do things.

Mayor Garza, and his cronies at city hall, want restaurants to have to spend a ton of money on smoking sections, or to lose a ton of business by doing away with them. The restaurant and bar owners know their businesses. The mayor doesn't. Why should he be able to tell private business owners what to do? The straight answer is, he shouldn't. It is not the city government's business.

I have half a mind to call those Queer Eye guys in here and see if they would suggest that Mayor Garza get a nose job.

With a figurative smaller nose, maybe he wouldn't feel like poking it into restaurant people's business.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

August 1, 2003 
San Antonio Express-News 
Eatery smoke ban compromise near
It would permit tobacco use in some bars inside restaurants
Mired in uncertainty for weeks, a proposed smoking ban appeared to be gaining steam Thursday, through a compromise that would allow smoking in some bars inside restaurants...

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